Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pyrmont Ultimo - Today

Pyrmont–Ultimo is now characterised by a mix of medium-density housing types, large areas of open space and white-collar industry. At the time of the 2001 census the area was home to 11 943 residents and industry attracted a workforce of 24 284 to the area each day.

Results of Urban Renewal
The Pyrmont–Ultimo area has been totally transformed from one of urban decay, gone through the process of urban renewal to a thriving community on the edge of the city. The community and its important characteristics are outlined in the remainder of the unit.
With the area gaining a reputation as a site for high-tech clean industry, the media and telecommunications industry is being attracted to the area. Companies like Channel Ten, Foxtel,
Galaxy TV, as well as radio stations like Nova,2SM and 2GB, and the Australian Broadcasting Commission are located in Pyrmont–Ultimo.

The Community
The community of people that live in the area is best characterised by its age structure. Nearly 50 per cent of the population are between 20 and 34, making it one of the youngest areas in Sydney in terms of age. The community is composed of renters, owners and public-housing tenants. With the population structure of the area being so young it is essential that urban developers adequately prepare for likely changes that will occur to this structure. It is likely that these people will become parents in the future so provision of facilities and services for families needs to be available and part of ongoing planning.

Photos of Pyrmont Today